Three Card Poker, an Overview

Three Card Poker has been through a very fascinating journey over the centuries and has now evolved into one of the most popular online and land-based casino card games. It is fast, simple and each player has a chance of winning twice.3 Card Poker

The History of Three Card Poker

Also commonly known as Tricard Poker, Three Card Poker is, in effect, a fine blend of two separate games – Pairplus and Ante & Play. Playing both games is not mandatory and if time is a limitation then a player may opt to play either the extremely simple Pairplus or the Ante & Play, which entails betting against the dealer.

Neither game requires a great deal of concentration or skill – it is normally a matter of the timely intervention of lady luck, but a player can certainly manipulate that luck in the second version of the game – the Ante & Play – by the type of bets made and the calls chosen for each hand.

Three Card Poker has its roots in the Spanish card game, Primero, which was at its most popular about 300 years ago in Europe. It too was, and still is, a fast paced betting game involving only a few cards. Three Card Poker is also a contemporary version of the very popular English card game, Brag, and when it moved across the Atlantic to the United States, it was initially baptised Brit-Brag or Casino Brag.

Once firmly entrenched in the States the game was allegedly tweaked here and there by British Poker player, Derek Webb, who, while visiting the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, found the existing poker game boring. He effectively gave us the current casino version of Three Card Poker.

The Basics of Three Card Poker

As already mentioned the game is a combination of two different games – Pairplus and Ante & Play.

Pairplus – In this simple version of poker, the player need only have a pair in hand to win. The dealer is of absolutely no consequence apart from the fact that he is the one dealing the cards. Should the player have more than a pair then the winnings are considerably more, and should a straight flush turn up, then the player will walk away with an extremely attractive 40-1 payout!

Ante & Play – In this game the player may raise the bet and challenge the dealer, but even a lowly pair is not really necessary to win, the player need only have a higher hand than the dealer to walk away with the loot. To top it all, there are bonuses for superior poker hands!