The Strategy of Three Card Poker

Owing to the raw simplicity of the game there is not a whole lot of strategic moves or bets to consider, and the Pairplus section of Three Card Poker can well be considered a strategic non-event as the only consideration the player has to make is how much to bet!

Pairplus Tips

Nevertheless, when one takes into account the low house advantage, Pairplus is still considered to be one of the more attractive table games, available both online and at casinos all around the world. It has recently been calculated that a player of Pairplus should get paid out about 25% of the time, which is certainly not a bad return on the money.

It is, however, important to remember that the win/loss fluctuations are far more unpredictable in the Pairplus than the Ante & Play version of the game. A conservative gambler would, in all probability, bet 2 components on the Ante & Play, and only 1 component on the Pairplus, or maybe equal bets on each.

A more aggressive punter will opt to place more on the Pairplus than the Ante & Play. The vast majority of successful punters often choose to increase their conservative bets gradually when they are in the money in an effort to get ahead of the house before they become more aggressive and stack up in the Pairplus.

Ante & Play Strategy

The only important variable to mull over in Three Card Poker Ante & Play is how high the player’s hand should be to generate the finest possible long term results. The quick answer is Q-6-4 or higher.

High hands between Q-6-4 through K-Q-10 are hands deemed to have negative undertones. They will lose less if played than they will in ante forfeiture losses if they are not played. Ace high hands, or better, on the other hand, have positive expectations.

The calculated house advantage for the Ante & Play module, against the optimal strategy shown below is a very secure 3.4%! It is important for players to be aware that many casinos and online gaming rooms offer lower payouts, especially in Pairplus, and this can double or even treble the house advantage over the player. It is therefore advisable to avoid games where the payout is, for example, 3-1 on the flush instead of the more traditional 4-1.

Optimal Three Card Poker Ante & Play Strategy

Thus the optimal Three Card Poker Strategy in a nutshell is

  • Always play Q-6-4 or higher
  • Never play anything lower