The Strategy of Seven Card Stud

It is always helpful to have a strategy in mind when playing any casino card game – it will refine play and increase winnings but it is also important to adjust the strategy according to the type of stud played, the number of players at the table, the table stakes and the cards on the table and in hand.

The Bare Essentials

There are a number of essential points the player should focus on when the starting hand is dealt out and these are:

  •  Scrutinise all the door cards showing around the table. Door cards are the player’s first exposed up cards.
  • Count how many cards of each suit are visible, or out
  • Tally how many card denominations are out
  • Remember which opponent was the first to raise the ‘bring-in’ bet and how far they are away in position from the ‘bring-in’
  • Let the other players at the table know that you are not afraid to raise and re-raise

The reason why it is wise to be clued up on the other cards at the table is simply because it will help determine whether the player should call, raise or fold.

Another basic tip is if any cards have been folded around the table and the player has missed the opportunity of scrutinising the door cards, then it is best the player folds unless he or she has a winning hand and none of the other players have raised the ‘bring-in’

It is always wise to play consistently in the beginning of a game and by showing down winning hands on a consistent basis will not only win the respect of the table but will also win the player some sizable pots without having to showdown as often, allowing for deception and bluffing at a later stage!

Starting Hand

Remember that a good starting hand will increase the win percentage and starting hands should always consist of a combination of cards that will allow several types of outs. The lowest card in the ideal starting hand should be higher than any of the door cards around the table. If all three of the player’s cards are higher than all of the door cards it is likely that the player will catch cards that will be the highest pair or two pair on the board to start! So, be patient and wait for the great starting hand before making the play.