The Strategy of Omaha

Omaha is not a game of chance, it requires skill, patience and if the conditions are right, aggressive play. Possibly the most important tip for Omaha rookies is not to get drawn into playing each and every hand – wait for the optimum hand, it will turn up eventually.

Wait for the Best Starting Hand

The first thing to look for when playing Omaha are pairs, particularly high pairs and should you be lucky enough to be dealt A-A then it is important that you play the hand even if the other cards in hand are not helpful.

Look for cards that are double suited – these are powerful hands as they can make up a flush in two different ways depending on the board. All four cards should also preferably work together, for example the Ad-2d-Qh-Jh is a far better hand than Ad-2c-Qs-9h simply because the cards are co-ordinated. The astute player will realise he or she can make up a nut diamond flush, a Queen high heart flush as well as a straight because the cards connect in two different ways – A-2 and Q-J!

Play to Win both Hi & Lo Hands

The most successful players of Omaha Hi/Lo aim to win both the high and low hands at the same time and in so doing, rake in the big profits. The trick is to be as selective and patient as possible and only play those hands that will present the best odds of winning both the high and low portions of the pot – in effect, a double whammy for the lucky punter!

To pull off both bites of the cherry look for a hand similar to As-2s-10h-Jh – it is the optimum Omaha Hi/Lo hand which has the best starting hand for the low portion of the pot (A-2) but also presents a number of ways to make up a strong high hand in a spade flush, hearts flush and a straight with either A-2 or J-10! Our quick tip is – Do Not get suckered into playing only the high or low hands, realistically you will only be playing for the half the pot.

Be Aggressive

If you have been following our tips and waiting for the optimum hand and the flop is beneficial to you, don’t be shy, it’s time to pile those chips in as you will usually have a nice, big, fat edge! Beware, bad hands in Omaha are often weighty underdogs but this can work in your favour – if you have waited for the near-perfect hand and you are playing with over eager amateurs who feel the need to play each and every hand, the edge will be massive for the patient, aggressive players when they do finally find a suitable hand to play!