The Strategy of Five Card Draw

Most casino card games are only successfully won by players who have a clear strategy in mind and Five Card Draw is no exception. Although it is a simple game that only has two betting rounds, there are a couple of tips that may assist the intrepid Draw exponent.

Watch out for the Player Drawing a Single Card

In Five Card Draw, three of a kind is fairly commonplace as it is the one hand that most players will be opting for when they draw and conversely straights, full houses and flushes are considerably more difficult to attain with only the single drawing option. What  is important for players to remember is if an opponent draws only a single card then you can bet your bottom dollar he or she is gunning for one of the more difficult winning options!


One of the better ploys for a Draw player to take the pot, especially when it is a substantial one, is to raise before the draw , not replace any of the cards in hand and to raise again. Be warned however not to use this technique too often otherwise it will lose impetus and the other players at the table will soon become aware of the deception. This technique can work to the optimum if the player is known as one who only bets on good or great hands!

A second, effective strategy, is to pretend to be delighted with the draw card when replacing a single card. This will encourage the rivals at the table to assume that the player has a winning straight, flush or full house!

The Size of the Ante determines Play

Always remember the size of the ante is critical in determining when a player should call the initial bet. If the ante is large compared to the limit, a player is advised to play loosely as the pots will be nice and fat. Bear in mind, a large ante is traditionally about 50% or more of the betting limit. Conversely, a small ante will normally indicate a player should tighten up and play cautiously, only going for the pot if the hand is good. A small ante will normally be about 15% or lower than the betting limit!

Position at the Table

A final pointer is, quite simply, position is critical. If a player bets last it is far easier for him to convince the other players to drop out of the betting round. He will have all the relevant information about the other players and can often frighten his rivals, who may be holding the best hand or are hoping to see a free card with a small bet! So, as in the real estate sector, it’s all about position, position, position!