Seven Card Stud, an Overview

Seven Card Stud is one of the mainstays of tournament poker and even Texas Holdem is really Stud tweaked here and there. Stud only really came of age during the American War of Revolution and the American Civil War but in those days the three-card and five-card variants were the most popular.

The rules of Seven Card Stud are easy to master but it is not a game of chance – all the successful stud players have a strategy in mind before they even take to the tables and in later pages we offer a couple of strategic tips for the amateur Stud player.

As with so many card games there are always a rare few who seem to dominate and Seven Card Stud is no exception.  Possibly the one man who will be best remembered for his stud prowess is Wild Bill Hickok but in more recent times there have been a posse of players who have made Seven Card Stud their game of choice and these include ‘Red’ Hodges, who was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in the 1980’s .

Johnny Moss, Bobby Baldwin and Doyle Brunson have all claimed Seven Card Stud titles at some stage during their long and fruitful careers but one man is said to have been the real Stud pro and that was the late David ‘Chip’ Reese.

David ‘Chip’ Reese – Seven Card Stud Maestro

The late, great David Reese is considered the greatest cash game poker player that ever lived and the best seven card stud player of all time. He collaborated with Doyle Brunson and wrote the Seven Card Stud section of the best selling poker book of all time, Brunson’s Super System and went on to claim three WSOP bracelets – all for Seven Card Stud or variants thereof:

  • 1978 – $1000 Seven Card Stud Split
  • 1982 – $5000 Seven Card Stud
  • 2006 – $50 000 H.O.R.S.E World Championship

During his career he went on to claim a further four top ten finishes for Seven Card Stud and it is relevant to remember that he opted for live cash games rather than poker tournaments. His cashes include:

  • 1984 – $5000 Limit Seven Card Stud Grand Prix of Poker (1st)
  • 1986 – $1500 Seven Card Stud 17th WSOP (4th)
  • 1992 – $1000 Limit Seven Card Stud Queens Poker Classic II (2nd)
  • 1993 – $5000 Seven Card Stud 24th WSOP (6th)