Red Dog, an Overview

Red dog is a poker derivative that feeds off chance and chance alone – there is no skill or strategy involved, and it is also one of the very few casino cards games where the house edge is substantially decreased by the number of decks of cards utilised.Red Dog

It is a pleasant, uncomplicated game where the only decision the player has to make is how much he or she is prepared to risk on the spread between the initial two cards dealt. Only three cards are used for each hand, Aces are high and the suits are totally immaterial. A standard 52-card deck is used and up to eight decks may be used during a single game

How to Play Red Dog

It is literally as simple as one, two, three – the punter places a bet, the croupier deals two cards face up on the table and there are only three possible options:

  • Should the two cards be of the same value – a pair hand – and the third and final card dealt happens to be of equal value then the payout will be a very fresh 11:1, otherwise the hand is simply a push.
  • Should the cards be consecutive numerically – a consecutive hand, for example a 4 & 5 or a Queen & a King – the hand is considered a push, and the player’s bet will be returned.
  • But, should the cards be a non-consecutive hand, meaning that the difference between the values of the two cards is more than 1, then the croupier will determine the ‘spread’, a red dog will be placed on the table above the designated number, the players will have the option to raise or stand on their original bet, and the third card will be dealt. For example – if the two cards dealt are a 3 and an 8, the spread will be 4 – the actual spaces between 3 and 8. If the third card’s value is 4, 5, 6 or 7 then the player wins and is paid out according to a payout table. Again, if the first two cards are 9 & Jack (the spread is 1), and the third card happens to be a10, then the player will be paid out 5:1 or if the first two cards were a 7 and a Jack, the spread is three and any one of the following cards will win – 8, 9 or 10, and the payout will be 2:1.

Red Dog Spread Table



1 card


2 cards


3 cards


4+ cards