Murphy’s Laws of Poker

Murphy's Laws of Poker

As with many scenarios in life, if the worst could happen, it usually does –¬† especially in Poker! We take a look at the most common Murphy’s Laws of Poker:

  • If it is possible for you to lose a hand you will lose that hand.
  • The probability of losing an all in bet is inversely proportional to the size of the stack.
  • If you try to steal the blinds with an all in bet you will be called by a stronger hand.
  • If an opponent attempts to steal your blinds you will always have the weaker hand.
  • If there is a possibility that someone other than you can make an unbeatable hand on the board, they will.
  • If you go all in with any paired hand weaker than AA someone will call with AA and win the hand.
  • If you go all in with AA someone will call you with a weaker pair and hit a set on the flop, except when:
  • All your opponents fold without betting
  • An opponent calls with any two connectors and hits a¬†straight on the board.
  • An opponent calls with any two suited cards and hits a flush on the board.
  • If you play a hand to the river you will never make your hand, but if any of your opponents play a hand to the river they will spike the winning card.
  • The more obnoxious opponents are, the more likely they are to be lucky.
  • When playing in scheduled tournaments you will be eliminated as the last player not to cash. Except when:
  • You cash but your Internet connection crashes, causing you to miss out on the remainder of the tournament.
  • If you play a loose aggressive game, a tight player will call your bets and beat you with stronger hands.
  • Hands folded pre-flop always make the nuts on the board.
  • If you enter a hand with any suited cards the board will come up with three cards from a different suit.
  • If you go into any hand with a high pair other than AA and are called by 3 opponents holding A high hands, an A will always appear on the flop.
  • If you call a pair with an A high hand 3 other players with A high hands will make the same call.

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