How to play Three Card Poker at William Hill Casino

The Three Card Poker format at the William Hill Casino has all the information the player needs right on screen – both the Pair Plus and Ante Bonus payouts are listed and the dealer’s plays are clearly visible, so the punter is aware of the risks and the lovely lolly up for grabs at all times.

It is important to note that the dealer must have the minimum of Queen High to qualify, and if he fails to qualify and the player has not folded, the player will automatically rake in the winnings.

It is one of the more simple variants of traditional poker and prospective punters need not spend valuable time trying to work out a winning strategy – it is fast, fun and players have the option to play either one or both of the sections of Three Card Poker – the simple Pair Plus, or the Ante Bonus, sometimes referred to as Ante & Play. It has a relatively low house edge which only adds to its increasing recognition.

The aim of Three Card Poker is to beat the dealer by making the best possible traditional poker hand with only three cards. For an in-depth look at the rules of the game, please go to our Three Card Poker Rules page.

  • Ante – the Ante section of Three Card Poker works in exactly the same way as in traditional poker. Each player must place an ante, or forced bet, before they and the dealer are dealt the three cards. Should the player decide that his hand has a good chance of beating the dealer’s then a further wager, equal to that of the ante, is made by the player by clicking the ‘play’ button. However, should the player decide not to place any further bets, he or she will fold, by clicking the ‘fold’ button and will lose the original ante.
  • Pair Plus – here the player simply bets on the chances of getting a pair or higher. If the player has placed a bet on both the Ante and Pair Plus and has the winning hand, then the player receives the relevant payout for both.

Three Card Poker Payouts – Pair Plus

  1. Pair – 1:1
  2. Flush – 4:1
  3. Straight – 6:1
  4. Three of a Kind – 30:1
  5. Straight Flush – 40:1

Three Card Poker Payouts – Ante Bonus

  1. Straight – 1:1
  2. Three of a Kind – 4:1
  3. Straight Flush – 5:1

Three Card Poker Play Results

  1. Should the dealer not qualify – the ante wins and the play bet is returned to the punter – 1:1
  2. Dealer qualifies but the player beats the dealer – both ante and play bet wins – 1:1
  3. Dealer qualifies and ties with the player – both push
  4. Dealer qualifies and the dealer beats the player – both ante and play bet are lost.