How to play Red Dog at William Hill Casino

Red Dog is surely one of the easiest casino card games to master and to win some hard earned cash on. Unlike many other card games punted by land based and online casinos, a tie in Red Dog does not benefit the house, so the house odds are not all that frightening.

The objective of Red Dog is for players to try and predict whether a single card, drawn randomly from the deck by the dealer, will fall within the limits, or spread, of two cards dealt face up by the dealer earlier on. For example if a King and a three are dealt, then any of the following cards will win – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack and Queen. The particular spread – or the number of cards which can win for the punter – and the relevant payouts, are all clearly visible on the table.

Gamblers play against the house, and once the bet is on the table, two cards are dealt face up, and the cute little red dog automatically dashes over to the correct spread and payout area to indicate clearly to the punter what odds he is playing for and against.

There are three possible two card hands:

  • The Pair Hand – two cards are dealt with exactly the same ranking. The dealer will automatically deal a third card and should it be the same rank as the original two cards all players win with a very sumptuous 11:1 payout! If it is not the same rank as the other two cards, the hand is declared a push and the punter’s original bet is returned.
  • Consecutive Hand – two cards with consecutive or successive values – 6 & 7, or 2 & 3. The hand is called a push and the original wager returned.
  • Non-Consecutive Hand – this is generally the category in which the vast majority of Red Dog hands fall and it is self explanatory. The dealer, with the help of the Red Dog, will announce the spread and the punter then has the option to raise the original bet, or to stand, by clicking the relevant buttons. The dealer will then draw the third card and players will either win, should the 3rd card fall within the spread of the first two cards, or lose. If the third card happens to be the same as either of the first two, the bet is lost.

Red Dog Payouts

  • If the spread is 1, the payout is 5:1
  • If the spread is 2, the payout is 4:1
  • If the payout is 3, the payout is 2:1
  • If the payout is 4 – 11, the payout is 1:1