How to play Pontoon at William Hill Casino

Why not head for the tables to play the British version of Blackjack, called Pontoon. The aim of the game is very similar to that of Blackjack, which is simply the American version of the popular card game twenty-one – to try and get closer to the magical number of 21 than the dealer, without going over, or busting.Pontoon

Pontoon is just one of the four variants of Blackjack to be found at the William Hill online Casino, and although punters can play at home, or at the office when the boss isn’t looking, the William Hill set-up offers the player a choice of settings including animations, sound effects, voice overs and even a choice of personalities which best fits the punter’s look and vibe. So if the noise of the slots and the tinkle of coinage are what get the heart racing, then click on the settings button at the base of the game page, and set up the atmosphere that suits.

Should you be one of the strong and silent type then there is also an option not to activate any of the settings, so the choice is always the players.

Rules specific to Pontoon

Pontoon is played against the house, and the rules and strategies that apply to Blackjack, Blackjack Progressive and Fun 21 also apply to Pontoon, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Pontoon is played with eight 52-card decks
  • The deck is only shuffled after about a third of the ‘shoe’ has been dealt
  • The prescribed moves for the dealer include to twist (or hit) on 16 and soft 17 (an Ace is in hand), but to stick (or stand) on hard 17 (the hand is made up of cards which do not include an Ace)
  • The player has to twit on 14 or less
  • The player may buy, or double at any stage, but only once per hand
  • The player may twist, or hit after buying
  • The player may only split twice in the same hand
  • The dealer wins all ties
  • Aces may not be split
  • No insurance is available to the player
  • All players must stick on a soft 21 – twenty-one which is not made up with an Ace

Ranking of Hands & Payouts

  1. Pontoon – Ace and any card with a value of 10, including after splitting – 2:1
  2. 5-card trick with a total of 21 or less – 2:1
  3. Winning hand (a hand which has not gone bust with 4 cards or less, for example 5-card trick will beat a 21 in 3-4 cards; 3-card 18 will beat a 4-card 16 and pontoon by the dealer will beat any hand) – 1:1
  4. Tie, including on Pontoons – dealer wins