How to play Pai Gow at William Hill Casino

It is thanks to the Chinese that we have this interesting variation of traditional poker, and although the poker rankings remain unchanged, the major difference between Pai Gow and all the other forms of poker is that the player is given the opportunity of winning on two separate hands. Pai Gow is similar to the majority of casino cards games in that a definitive strategy by the punter will increase the chance of their winning.

Pai Gow Basics

Seven cards are dealt to the punter, who makes two traditional poker hands – one with five cards, colloquially referred to as the ‘high hand’, and one from the remaining two cards, or the ‘low hand’. The point is to beat the dealer with both hands, with the highest two card hand being two Aces, and the highest five card hand being five Aces, or rather, four Aces and the joker. Remember that the joker is not considered wild and may only be used as an Ace or as a card to finalise a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush.

Playing Pai Gow, or any other casino card game for that matter, at the William Hill Casino is a very simple exercise. The play buttons are totally self explanatory, but should a punter require assistance, it is a simple matter of clicking the mouse on the ‘help’ button on the right, bottom of the screen, and all the relevant rules and payout details will be revealed.

The only difficulty the first time punter may experience playing Pai Gow online, is how to separate the two hands. The relevant cards for the two-card, or low hand, are earmarked by clicking on them with the mouse and they will automatically separate from the remainder of the hand. One of the rules of Pai Gow is that the high or 5 card hand must outrank, or outweigh, the low hand. If the player designates the incorrect cards to the low hand, an error message to that effect will be displayed on the screen – so it is almost impossible to go wrong!

Should any of the poker hands be exactly the same as the dealer’s, the hand which contains the highest ranking card will win. If the hands are still exact replicas, the hands are considered ‘copy hands’ and the dealer will win!

Pai Gow Payout Structure

Each time a punter wins, they are paid out even money less a house commission of 5%. No commission is deducted on losing hands or the dreaded tie.