How to play Casino War at William Hill Casino

Want to be taken back to the heady days of your childhood? Then why not wage war on the dealer in the casino card game, Casino War. The player is transported online to a typical felt table, so prevalent in the top land based casinos throughout the United States and Europe, and the elegance of the gaming houses are carried through on the William Hill Casino configuration, with the croupier clad in the traditional white gloves.

Casino War is one of those games which just seem to grow and grow in popularity and one of the major reasons for this burgeoning growth is that it is a simple game to learn and comprehend. The casino also offers a wide variety of chip denominations to choose from, so the player need not bet his shirt on the final outcome. In fact even the most cautious of player can come to the table at William Hill without feeling intimidated by the amount of money in play.

William Hill welcomes all new players to the casino with £5000 worth of complimentary chips which may only be used during practice sessions, and remember, practice makes perfect. Each casino card game on offer at William Hill includes limitless practice rounds and each card game is described in length – if in doubt as to the rules or payouts, simply click the ‘Help’ button on the bottom left of the screen.

Guideline of How to Play Casino War

  • The player must click on the chip denominations at the base of the page to place their bet, according to the relevant table limits, in the designated area
  • The bet wagered per hand may be increased by simply clicking the left mouse button over the relevant chip stack and this will immediately add the chip from the pile clicked to the original bet amount.
  • Should the player opt to decrease the original bet, then a right click of the mouse over the relevant stack will suffice. Should the bet then fall below the minimum table bet limit, the bet amount will automatically be corrected.
  • Once the wager has been settled, the player must click on the deal button and a single card is dealt to the player and dealer. The cards are compared and should the value of the dealer’s card be higher than that of the player, the dealer wins.
  • In the event of a tie the player may either surrender or go to war – for more on the rules of the game, please look at our ‘Casino War, an Overview page.
  • William Hill Casino offers a bonus tie bet which pays out if the first two cards tie and the bonus tie bet is made before the round starts.

Casino War Payout Table

  • Highest card – 1:1
  • War Win (Tie Card) – 1:2
  • Tie during War – 1:2
  • Bonus Bet Tie (Tie Card) – 10:1