How to play Blackjack Progressive

Get into the mood and play Blackjack Progressive in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to battle with traffic, crowds and inordinate noise to get your fix, simply log on to one of the premier online casinos in the world – the William Hill Casino – choose any one of the fourteen casino card
available and let rip!

A huge plus for card gurus and aspirant gamblers is that there is a mine of information available on how best to beat the house and these strategies can be on hand to give you the very best chance of succeeding. Imagine the casino moguls allowing you in to their gaming houses with optimal strategy tables, or even betting tips? So, the best way to learn and earn is undoubtedly online.

Blackjack Progressive is the same, in every way, to the original offering of the game by William Hill, but there is an additional method of making a little extra at the tables. The rules and strategies remain the same for both versions of the game, but for £1 the player has a chance of raking in all the loot of the ever-growing bonus jackpot.

Once comfortably seated at the Blackjack Progressive table, the first thing to be noticed is the payout table on the top right of the screen. Notice those red numbers, which are growing all the time – that is the bonus payout or jackpot which is up for grabs to all comers!

The Progressive Jackpot

All the punter has to do, to be in the running for the progressive jackpot, is to click on the flashing black rectangle situated in front of each seat. Bets can only be placed for the progressive jackpot if the lights are flashing red. A player has a chance of winning the jackpot:

  • If he receives two or more successive Aces as the initial cards dealt
  • based on the number and suit of Aces in any given hand

The Progressive Payout

  • 4 red Aces or 4 Black Aces – Jackpot
  • Three suited Aces – £2 500
  • Four unsuited Aces – £1 500
  • Three unsuited Aces – £250
  • Two suited Aces – £100
  • Two unsuited Aces – £25

Good Luck fellas!