How to play Baccarat Full Table

Baccarat Full Table is the real deal and as the name so aptly describes, the format of the game at the William Hill Casino offers the entire build up to play, including the option to deal and to cut, and there are several seats to choose from. In previous pages we have looked at Punto Banco in depth, and this is the North American variation of Baccarat and the rules and strategy apply to William Hill’s Baccarat contribution.

Once the inexperienced Baccarat player has clear in his mind as to the value of the cards, the game is not a complicated one. Unlike other casino card games, the tens digit is removed from the total or sum of all the cards, and the hand closest to 9 wins. For a more concise explanation of the value of the cards please take a look at our Baccarat, an Overview page.

The punter has a clear choice to make with regards to the betting – bets can be made on either the player’s or dealer’s hands winning, or a tie, or the player may hedge his bets, and put money down on all three. The mechanisms behind the William Hill Casino and the Baccarat Full Table page are simplicity itself – all the betting areas at the table are clearly demarcated for the three types of bet, and the play buttons are self explanatory. Should the player choose to ‘take a peek’ then all the cards are quickly exposed to the player before being placed face down yet again. "Don’t peek’ will expose all the cards for the remainder of the game.

Baccarat Full Table Play

The dealer will deal two cards to both the player and himself, and the punter has the option to play with the cards exposed for the duration of the hand, or to take a quick look at the cards. According to the value of the cards, a third card may be dealt to either, or both the player and dealer. The hand closest to nine wins, it’s as simple as that!

The Payouts

The totals are automatically displayed, sans the ten digits, on an on-screen counter next to the Banker and Player areas on the table and the winning hand is paid out according to the rules of the house. At the William hill Casino the payout is as follows:

  • A winning Player hand bet is paid out 1:1
  • A winning Banker hand bet is paid 1:1 but the player has to contribute a 5% commission to the house
  • Winning Tie bets are paid out 8:1