Gin Rummy, an Overview

Gin Rummy is the creation of the Baker Boys, not the celebrated Fabulous Baker boys, but a father- son combination who felt the need to tweak casino card game rules here and there in a bid to introduce a new card craze to the game-playing community.

In the late 1800’s there was Gin, but it was Gin Poker, and quite frankly the game rules appear to be very similar to those drawn up by Whist teacher, Elwood Baker, the only difference being that Baker simply refined the scoring system, making it more attractive to gaming fans. In those days Gin Poker was the favoured game at many of the early gaming houses and saloons.

Gin, as it is commonly known,  allegedly evolved from another alcohol inspired card game, that of Whiskey Poker but for many years it remained totally obscure until the 1930’s when it came of age and took over from whist and contract bridge in the popularity stakes.

Gin Rummy finds Favour amongst Hollywood Heroes

Gin found favour amongst the rich and famous, as well as the riff raff of Hollywood and some of the famous proponents of Gin included comedian Oliver Hardy, of Laurel and Hardy fame, Errol Flynn, the swashbuckling Australian actor who will be best remembered for his leading role in Captain Blood and short story writer of repute, Damon Runyon.

Gin Rummy has remained an all-time favourite with millions of players throughout the world largely due to the fact that it combines simplicity of form with deceptively difficult play. But one of the major reasons Gin Rummy continues to attract new converts every day is that the game itself has adapted with ease to online play at the hundreds of online casinos that have recently taken gambling to staggering new heights.

Gin Rummy is traditionally only contested between two players and the objective of the game is quite simple – score more points than the opposing player using a single 52-card deck but what makes Gin attractive to gamblers, in particular, is its ingenuous scoring system . Gin is one of those games that appears remarkably easy to master but unless the player has a clear strategy in mind and is totally clued up on all elements of the game, he or she could find themselves in a lot of trouble, particularly if there is a heap of cash on the table.